German organic producer takes on Danone

The German brewery Neumarkter Lammsbräu has issued a warning to the Danone Group on behalf of the Quality Association for Organic Mineral Water and numerous medium-sized mineral wells. Because its mineral water subsidiary Volvic advertises its water with the terms “Naturally organic” and “Premium mineral water in organic quality”. “Volvic is not organic mineral water […]

Examples of future-oriented organic farming

A lot of yield on a small area – for organic farmers this should be possible with elaborated organic cultivation methods. Examples have been outlined at the conference “New concepts for an agro-ecological and future-oriented agriculture”. They were presented by the German foundation “Ökologie&Landbau” together with the network “Öko-Junglandwirte” and the University of Kiel. Les jardins de la grelinette Man instead […]

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