Competent institution – Ministry of Agriculture

Within the Ministry of Agriculture, the Competent body and authority in charge of the work of controlling organizations and organic production methods is the Group for Organic Production, within the Directorate for National reference laboratories. The Group has the following tasks:

• Prepares the professional basis for drafting the regulations in the area of organic production;
• Collects annual statements of the controlling organizations;
• Cumulative records on organic production;
• Keeping the list of authorised controlling organizations;
• Decisions on fulfilment of conditions for performing control and certification;
• Approval of deviations from the methods of organic plant and livestock production and the processing rules in organic production;
• Approval of the use of reproduction material from conventional production after the period of conversion;
• Shortening or extension of the period of conversion
Within the Department for agricultural policy of the Ministry, the Group for quality, labelling and marking
of food proposes the agrarian policy measures, participates in the preparation of measures and programmes for use of budget funds to encourage organic agriculture development. The group also participates in
elaboration of strategic documents and preparation of professional basis for elaboration of regulations on
organic production, coordinates the work of the Professional Council for organic production, and cooperates with the international and domestic professional organizations.

Inspection control of enforcement of the Law on organic production, and implementation of the regulations adopted thereunder, is carried out by Inspectors for organic production