Financial support

Financial support to the organic sector started in 2004, when the MAFWM for the rst time planned incentives for organic production in the form of reimbursements for certication costs, while incentives per area and head of animals were introduced in 2006. Incentives for 2012 were not planned by the line Ministry, but the operators could have applied for reimbursement of 50% of total certication costs; however, conversion period costs were not eligible what was changed in 2013 on the initiative of NASO and producers in the period of conversion could use this measure as well. In the beginning of 2013, the Law for subsidies in agriculture and rural development  was enforced and in the following two years amended and changed. This Law foresees 40% and 70% higher incentives for organic production compared to the conventional production. Incentives are intended for producers in conversion period, at the end of conversion when certicate would be issued, and for certied plants and animals producers. The Rulebook on use of subsidies in organic production denes types and amounts of incentives. Producers in organic production contracted with some of authorised control organisations can get incentives increased for plant production  for 70% and for animal production for 40% compared to conventional for following measures:

According to regulations in organic production, producers entitled to incentives in organic farming are obliged to maintain organic principles on their plots they received incentives for in the following three years.