Education on organic production was held in Belgrade within the Regional Project

17 September, 2021

Within the regional project “Organic agriculture innovation platform supported”, which is supported by the EC Erasmus + program, an education on  organic production was held on September 11-15, organized by Serbia Organica.
The project involves organizations from Northern Macedonia, the CSRD Forum, which is also the holder of the Project  and other partner organizations from Northern Macedonia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Serbia. The training was attended by participants from all 4 countries, participants in the project. get acquainted with all the most important topics in the field of organic production, such as: regulation, basic standards, methods of organic production, certification,  conversion period,  disease and pest management, plant nutrition, but also with the multifunctionality of organic production through agro-eco tourism. hear examples of good  practices in organic farming. They also had the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences from all 4 countries in the field of organic production and to achieve further cooperation in the field of organic production development.

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