Examples of future-oriented organic farming

A lot of yield on a small area – for organic farmers this should be possible with elaborated organic cultivation methods. Examples have been outlined at the conference “New concepts for an agro-ecological and future-oriented agriculture”. They were presented by the German foundation “Ökologie&Landbau” together with the network “Öko-Junglandwirte” and the University of Kiel. Les […]

Apple picker

A push-driven designed downed-apple picker for the backyard to small sized orchard is another innvention to facilitate manual work on the farm. This is not the „machinery“ used to pick apples for consumers due to spikes on the barrel, but for apples to be processed further. It is very easy for use, simply adjust the […]

Urban Agriculture, Smart Design, and Vertical Farms

The big advantage that urban farming touts is the innovative reimagining and utilization of space. Urban farms might be as humble as your traditional, outdoor community garden. On the other hand, they might be as complex and futuristic as well-regulated, self-contained, environmentally controlled pods that are stacked on top of each other. In one of […]

Pasona Group, Tokyo, Japan

At the Pasona Group’s headquarters in Tokyo, tomatoes dangle from the ceiling, herbs grow fragrantly in meeting rooms and a rice paddy serves as the lobby centerpiece. Photograph: Pasona Group At the Tokyo headquarters of the Pasona Group, a staffing company, tomatoes dangle from the ceiling, herbs grow fragrantly in meeting rooms and a rice paddy […]

New method for egg production: When male chicks do not even hatch

Gender determination in the egg to become a business model The new method for sex determination in the egg was developed by scientists from the University of Leipzig and has been developed for years with the financial support of the German Federal Ministry of Agriculture. Originally, it was to be ready for series production by […]